WT-Village rewards Ariostea

During Milan’s Salone del Mobile April 16 through 20 2008, Palazzo Isimbardi hosted a highly relevant contemporary scenario that produced an evocative and innovative contamination of design, architecture and high technology.

It was the idea of bring these three complementary worlds together that gave rise the partnership between Ariostea and Well-Tech that took Ariostea to WT Village 2008.

Ariostea’s and Well-Tech’s values come together in an exhibition showing off the best products of technological research and innovation and the sustainability of environmentally compatible materials, expressed in the world’s top works of architecture.

The most futuristic architectures, reinterpreted with Ariostea materials, become icons expressing contemporary signs and idioms capable of expressing the absolute quality and peculiarity of these materials, the company’s strong potential for innovation and the contemporary values expressed by the installation.

Ariostea has traditionally been committed to research and development in the field of high tech ceramic materials and pursuit of the values of sustainability, accessibility and quality in the environment and in living.

Ariostea produces high-tech marbles and stones using exclusively natural raw materials with a low environmental impact and high performance, quality productive processes, relying on clean, recyclable energy sources.

The Award for technological innovation presented during the Salone del Mobile in Milan is an international award presented every year to 60 products that stand out for their innovative use of materials, environmental compatibility and respect for biodiversity, the environment and nature.

These range from cars to home appliances, from sustainable materials to new forms of renewable energy, from toys to medical devices.

At the final awards ceremony, attended by top representatives of the region and the Province of Milan, the Province awarded a special mention to Ariostea for the best interpretation of application of technology.

Ariostea masterfully combines unique forms and design with a natural yet high-tech material offering performance of outstanding quality.

In terms of environmental and quality considerations, production of Ariostea high-tech marbles and stones relies exclusively on use of natural raw materials with a low environmental impact and productive processes with top quality performance, relying on clean, recyclable energy sources.

The award recognises the company’s commitment to technology and innovation over the years. The special mention alongside such prestigious companies as Alberto Meda, Artemide and the Fiat Research Centre is a reason for great pride among all those who have contributed to the company’s success and continue to contribute to its innovation and research into new products.