Salone del Mobile in Milan

Ariostea will be busy during the week of the 2008

We have conceived a great surprise for you. or rather, four surprises You are kindly invited to discover them all.
Four great masterworks of the Architecture in the World. Have been re-interpreted through Ariostea High-Tech Materials.
They are waiting for you.

Opening hours 10am 'til 10:30pm
from April 16th to April 20th

Strongly committed to research and development in high-tech ceramic materials, Ariostea will be participating in WT Village 2008. Well-Tech Village 2008 will be held in partnership with the Province of Milan on April 16 through 20 in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Isimbardi in Corso Monforte 35 in Milan, presenting an architectural scenario of the future interpreted with materials and products designed by Ariostea, in an evocative preview of architecture, design, materials and technologies.

The most futuristic architectures are reinterpreted with Ariostea materials, becoming icons of the contemporary idiom and signs expressing the absolute quality and uniqueness of these materials, the company’s great potential for innovation and the contemporary values expressed by the installation. A highly prestigious combination of architecture with Ariostea materials, all in the exclusive setting of Palazzo Isimbardi, seat of the Province of Milan.