Stone Effect Beige Porcelain Tiles Pietra di Borgogna

Pietre Naturali High-Tech
Pietra di Borgogna,
Stone Effect Beige Porcelain Tiles

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90x45, 60x15, 60x30, 60x60
Satin (SA), Structured (ST)
10mm / 0.39''
Centimeters / Inches Thickness SA
R10 A+B+C
R11 A+B+C
90x45cm 36″x17¾″ 10mm 0.39″ P49332 -
60x15cm 24″x6″ 10mm 0.39″ P615332 PS615332
60x30cm 24″x12″ 10mm 0.39″ P36332 PS36332
60x60cm 24″x24″ 10mm 0.39″ P6332 PS6332

Pietra di Borgogna, Product Certifications

Product Certifications - CE Product Certifications - CCC Product Certifications - QB-UPEC

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Pietra di Borgogna

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