CM2 Teknostone

CM2 Teknostone
outdoor floors and walls"
Porcelain Floor and Wall Coverings

CM2 is the ideal solution for outdoor paving, designed for both public and private use. Easy to install, very easy to inspect any utilities, and easy to reposition in the event of changes to the installation or modifications to the substrate. CM2 has dimensions and mass such as to guarantee the mechanical resistance and longevity demanded by the diverse requirements of outdoor paving.

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Please note that all of the formats of the CM2 collection of Ariostea are suitable for laying directly on concrete, gravel, sand and on grass while for the laying in an elevated application it is necessary to take into account certain characteristics according to the format.

For the laying of Ariostea CM2 in the 60x60 format in an elevated application the elevation of the support surface should not exceed 10 cm.
It is also recommended to use the central support (5th leg), to distribute properly the different loads and further increase the already high resistance values ​​of the material to the loads.
It is also possible to use 60 × 60 plates with a thickness of 20 mm and a maximum height of 10 cm after application by bonding of a glass fibre netting in the underlying part of the plate for elevations up to 30 cm.
For elevations up to 50 cm a galvanized steel plate will be required.
In the latter two cases 4 supports for each plate are enough.

For the elevated laying of Ariostea CM2 in the 120x60 and 120x30 formats it is recommended not to exceed 2 cm in height using 7 supports for 120x60 and 6 for 120x30, while for floorings with an elevation between 2 and 10 cm a glass fibre netting is essential and for over 10 cm a galvanized steel plate will be required.

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