ACTIVE Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™

ACTIVE Clean Air &
Antibacterial Ceramic™

The ACTIVE slabs used for floors and walls can signifi cantly reduce the harmful effects of the main atmospheric pollutants (CO-NOx-SOx-VOC).

The ACTIVE slabs used for floors and walls can signifi cantly reduce the harmful effects of the main atmospheric pollutants (CO-NOx-SOx-VOC). Moreover, they can almost completely eliminate some of the most dangerous bacteria for human health. With ACTIVE the "ceramic" is enriched with the exceptional property of interacting with the environment, contributing to purify the air that we breathe and eliminating the bacterial load in the floors and walls of the rooms where we live. In other words it becomes an active material, able to make the environment surrounding us healthier and more liveable.
Active Clean Air & Antibacterial CeramicTM is a new finish obtained through a production methodology based on an innovative micrometric titanium dioxide process, which acts as a photocatalyst, carried on porcelain slabs at high temperature.


The power of light

In the presence of any natural or artifi cial light source, the titanium dioxide (TiO2), through the fission on ACTIVE slabs at high temperatures of micrometric particles, develops a strong antipollution and bactericidal action, through the natural photocatalysis process. The reduction of atmospheric pollution and the bactericidal action of the TiO2 are fully documented and unanimously recognised by the scientific community, exalted by the exclusive production method used to fix the particles onto the slabs. This method is free from any danger for production operators and users.


Clean cities

As well as the traditional aesthetic and resistance qualities of the materials made in our plants, ACTIVE slabs also acquire clear anti-pollution and anti-bacterial properties.
Outdoor coverings made with ACTIVE slabs are dirt repellent, as photocatalysis prevents smog from settling on them. This practically eliminates the need to use detergents, which is yet another
anti-pollution effect. A simple wipe with water, just rain on the wall, and the dirt slips away! Finally, ACTIVE surfaces have derived properties, such as signifi cant reduction in smells, as a result of the elimination of bacteria.

Live green

In 6 hours, 100m2 of active ceramic cleans as much NOx from the air as 30 trees or shurbs with a quantity of leaves amounting to 22 m2.


Hygienically safe

Tests performed on ACTIVE slabs guarantee their use both for outdoor coatings and for indoor floors and walls. They can also be used for public buildings with intensive traffic. Thanks to their properties, ACTIVE slabs, properly lit, are particularly suitable for use in all homes, in wellness centres, hotels, restaurants, gyms, schools, health centres, laboratories, hospitals, etc.
That is in all areas and environments where high levels of cleanliness and hygiene are required.

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