Design and consulting services for our customers

Ariostea offers its customers a Design Service to guarantee top quality in the supply and installation of the products. In particular, the Design Service is available to support customers in the study and design of special installation projects or in the cutting of products to create special designs, complete with metric calculations and prices.

Interior design projects for both professional and private customers can be personalised offering a further added value to the Ariostea customer. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the products and years of experience Ariostea designers can offer customers innovative and elegant solutions suitable for all buildings, ranging from large shopping centres to private homes, from rich and spacious banks to small yet elegant offices.

The secret of Ariostea's success lies in focusing on customer requirements to offer total customer satisfaction in terms of end result and in the deep knowledge of the products to enhance the spaces and create welcoming and elegant environments.

Designer support

For over 40 years the Ariostea trademark has been a guarantee of high quality materials in the field of materials for internal and external architectural projects. The fields of application include all building sectors, from the residential one to large commercial spaces. Ariostea is aware of the importance of supporting the designers keeping them up to date, in order to present the products in the best possible way.

To guarantee a constant presence alongside the designer Ariostea has a team of experts that know all the technical-functional characteristics of the products. The Ariostea experts are available to solve any design and project problem that may arise.

Furthermore, Ariostea has organised a team of promoters that acquaint designers with high-tech marble.
These motivated and competent professionals present the potential of Ariostea products and offer immediate and direct support in the development of interior and exterior architectural projects.
Only a large company can offer such a strong and personalised support to designers.

Small shots - DomuS3D®

Thanks to the collaboration with Maticad, a leading company in the production of software specifically for the ceramic tile sector, Ariostea has prepared for dealers an designers, free of charge, all the pictures of Ariostea products, compatible with DomuS3D® \ Irisnet divided into macro product categories.

The libraries of the Ariostea small shots for DomuS3D® \ Irisnet are complete and constantly updated and include:

  • all the images of Ariostea products divided into high-tech marbles, high-tech stones, high-tech agglomerates and porcelain stoneware;
  • countless panels already prepared which can be immediately used;
  • examples of settings and works

The JPG small shots of Ariostea high-tech marbles, high-tech stones, high-tech agglomerates and porcelain stoneware can be directly imported on DomuS3D® \ Irisnet.

To receive the Ariostea small shots for DomuS3D® \ Irisnet, please contact our Customer Service.

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