Rovere Bianco

High-Tech Woods

Rovere Bianco

Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

10 mm. / 0.39''
Rectified single-calibre

Sizes: 90x22,5cm 90x15cm 90x11cm

Finishes: Ancient(AN)

3.8/ 5 132  
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Degree of Colour Change

product with light chromatic variation

High-tech woods faithfully reproduce the look, tactile feeling, and veins of natural wood. A product so close to perfection, manufactured without touching a leaf. Our large listels are unique. Touch to believe. This is the best way to appreciate the uniqueness of these products. You will feel the warmth and structure of wood; Ariostea has combined these natural qualities with technical characteristics that make these products more resistant to deep abrasion, water, heat, chemical agents. They do not require any treatment before or after installation or in the following years.

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Rovere Bianco | High-Tech Woods

Change Units
Centimeters / Inches
R10 A+B+C
90x22,5 cm.36"x9"10 mm.0.39''PAR22342
90x15 cm.36"x6"10 mm.0.39''PAR15342
90x11 cm.36"x4½"10 mm.0.39''PAR11342

Product Certifications

ce Certification CCC nfupec Russian certification Ukrainian certification

Mosaics / Decorations
Rovere Bianco | High-Tech Woods

  • Domino Rovere Bianco

    Rovere Bianco

    AN Ancient
    30x30 cm.12"x12" | Cod. DOM342
  • Maxilama Rovere Bianco

    Rovere Bianco

    AN Ancient
    90x22,5 cm.36"x9" | Cod. LAM22342
  • Classic Rovere Bianco

    Rovere Bianco

    AN Ancient
    30x30 cm.12"x12" | Cod. MC342
  • Multilama Rovere Bianco

    Rovere Bianco

    AN Ancient
    30x15 cm.12"x6" | Cod. LAM15342

Special Trims
Rovere Bianco | High-Tech Woods

Costa Retta Step Tread Corner90x34 cm.36"x13½"10 mm.0.39''PRAA90342
45x34 cm.17¾"x13½"10 mm.0.39''PRAA45342
Bull Nose90x9 cm.36"x3⅗"10 mm.0.39''BA90342T
Costa Retta Step Tread90x34 cm.36"x13½"10 mm.0.39''PGRA90342
45x34 cm.17¾"x13½"10 mm.0.39''PGRA45342

Rovere Bianco | High-Tech Woods

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