Ariostea Collections: Marbles, Stones, Woods, Design and Lightness for Floor and Wall Coverings.

Ariostea Collections: Marbles, Stones, Woods, Design and Lightness for Floor and Wall Coverings.

High-Tech Marbles - Beauty beyond time, beyond nature.

High-Tech Marbles and Innovative Slabs High-Tech Marbles

The marble millennial glamour relives in the technology and versatility of the best full body porcelain stoneware to create a product of eternal beauty. Sophistication and variety in 20 precious nuance, from the most delicate tone to more pronounced ones. The Marmi High-Tech collection of Ariostea reproduces with the greatest faithfulness the beauty and the uniqueness of the best selected natural quarry, proposing shades able to reach the perfection.
The exclusive technology of Ariostea allows to interpret, not to copy, the best masterpieces of nature – the most important, the most attractive, the most expensive ones- improving the technical features of nature, in a chromatic collection so wide to represent the first, most important, furnishings form for interior and exterior designs. Ariostea Marmi High-Tech slabs guarantee durability in the time, elegance, resistance, hygiene, safety and full-body veining uniformity

Ariostea Collections: Marbles, Stones, Woods, Design and Lightness for Floor and Wall Coverings.

High-Tech Stones - Beauty beyond time, beyond nature.

High-Tech Natural Stones, Innovative Slabs High-Tech Natural Stones, Greenstone and Silklimestone

The elegance of nature, the shape of most beautiful spaces. A unique product, that speaks the same language of nature. The High-Tech Natural Stone of Ariostea are exclusively manufactured with very selected raw natural materials through a technical process that faithfully reproduces the genesis of the rocks.
They perfectly merge the high technological quality with the unique beauty of the stone, the creative genius of the Made in Italy with the attention to the environment, proposing aesthetic boosts and emotions able to improve the products of the quarry. The floors and covering with Stone Ariostea are ideal for both interiors and exteriors, thanks to the consistency of its full body porcelain stoneware slabs, extremely compact and homogeneous, developed to revive and to interpret, not just reproduce, the perfect details of nature.

Ariostea Collections: Marbles, Stones, Woods, Design and Lightness for Floor and Wall Coverings.

High-Tech Woods - When nature meets the technology.

Intuition, innovation and aesthetics-seeking are at the base of Ariostea Legni High-Tech, that dare to all the ones doubting to see products able to give a real alternative to natural parquet floorings. Legni High-Tech essence conceals a highly ambivalent character combining the poetry of the past and the technology of future. This new chapter in the Ariostea history opens with 16 precious woods in different hues, ranging from delicate to strong: warm and harmonious nuances for Rovere Biondo and Rovere Naturale; Rovere Chiaro for a cosy and homely ambience; strong and involving tones for Rovere Nero, Rovere Abbazia and Rovere Antico; a refined and elegant feeling for Rovere Grigio and Rovere Moka; and, lastly, Rovere Ciliegio and Rovere Bianco for a modern and bright environment.
The intrinsic quality of Legni High-Tech lies in their great versatility: their superior aesthetic and technical properties make them ideal companions in designing both interiors and exteriors, responding to the desires of architects and designers. Elegance and preciousness, the strength-point of Ariostea style all along, are, starting from now, also an established fact held in these new materials. Legni High-Tech collection combines the cult of beauty with profound respect for the environment, translating this philosophy into an alternative to natural wood parquet flooring. The taste for the antique and the forward-looking orientation are the essential elements of these new woods, that consecrated the new frontiers of the High-Tech by Ariostea.

Ariostea Collections: Marbles, Stones, Woods, Design and Lightness for Floor and Wall Coverings.

High-Tech Design

Iridium, Building and High-Tech Metals

With the sought quality and the renowned technology of always, Ariostea proposes an extremely innovative collection: 12 dazzling colours in 4 irresistible variances for all kinds of floors and surfaces, in a never seen way. Absolute and incredibly unique novelty in the world of the best 100% full body porcelain stoneware, the Iridium collection surfs beyond the well-knows frontiers of design, to offer new creative cues. Colour is the lord and the master, and dominates spaces through vibrating psychedelic tones and optical effects, generating a new technological rainbow that interprets the most precious surfaces thank to a matter without boundaries. The exceptional technical performances, together with the incomparable ease of cleaning and hygiene maintenance, allow to lay the Iridium collection, as well as the whole Ariostea products portfolio, in every environment and application, both for interiors and exteriors, perfectly satisfying all desires and needs of the best architects and designers all over the world.

Ariostea Collections: Marbles, Stones, Woods, Design and Lightness for Floor and Wall Coverings.

Ariostea solutions for indoor and outdoor coverings

4.7 collection e CM2 High-tech Natural Stones

Ariostea presents the aesthetics and the class of natural stone. Authentic as they are perfectly even, the 4.7 High-Tech tiles can be used to form a second “skin” on floors and walls, ensuring results that cannot be obtained using normal quarry stone. A material ecological by nature and technology and half the thickness, for the best in Eco-friendly floors. HALF THE THICKNESS, DOUBLY GREEN. Ariostea 4.7 High-Tech collections are naturally green: fully recyclable according to the law, they are made in as Eco-friendly was as possible. The entire production cycle is certified. The tiles are half the thickness and their environmental impact is, in practice, almost halved (in terms of raw materials, packaging, transport and waste).

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