Installation geometries

Essential Points To Be Taken Into Consideration In Flooring

The chromatic choices and the installation plans for a floor or wall must take into account various factors including the size of the space (height, natural or artificial lighting) as well as the laying patterns and style to be achieved. The final result can vary due to optical effects perceived by the human eye caused by the colours and laying patterns:

1. Spaces of identical dimensions may seem different depending on how they are filled:

  • black and dark colours reduce a space as they absorb light;
  • white and light colours diffuse light and therefore enlarge a space;
  • vertical lines make a space look higher while horizontal lines make it look wider. Square patterns make a space look higher and wider.

Black or dark surfaces seem smaller than white or light ones of the same size

A uniform light coloured floor visually makes a room seem larger and is particularly indicated for small rooms while contrasting tones reduce the perceived dimension.
A contrasting floor-wall combination guarantees a wider perception of a room compared to its true size so this solution is particularly suitable for bathrooms and corridors.

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