• High-Tech Marbles

    A vast range of natural marbles are faithfully reproduced using highly advanced patented techniques and top quality materials.
    Our high-tech marbles are guaranteed long-lasting, elegant, resistant, hygienic and safe, with uniform veins throughout the thickness of the slabs.

  • High-Tech Natural Stones

    Top quality raw materials are melded together to create an indestructible, homogeneous material with a unique surface on every single slab.
    A vast range of stones made in Italy out of porcelain stoneware for you.

  • Materie High-Tech

    Whatever occupies the space around us with its mass is called matter.
    Form is matter, and mankind need form to channel their inventions and plans.
    Materie High-Tech are an expression of solidity and concreteness, applied in different visual and tactile sensations.

  • High-Tech Woods

    Ariostea High-Tech Woods: Faithful reproductions combining strength, ecology and beauty in a single product.
    Our high-tech woods are so realistic they even feel like natural wood to the touch.
    Veins running through the entire thickness of the slab make this product even more similar to the natural wood that has traditionally given our homes their warm, cosy feel.

News and Events
  • Ariostea Restyling Boutique Paris

    Ariostea Restyling Boutique Paris


    Following the renovation of the Ariostea space in Rue de la Pepiniere in Paris by Marco Porpora Architects, the front of the area is now paved with large Ultra sheets alongside some state-of-the-art installations in wood, stone and marble.
    The overall plan of the store is a single open space designed to give unrestricted access with no physical barriers, except for the seven stations that articulate the display areas without interrupting them.

  • Surface Design Show

    Surface Design Show

    London - UK
    Ariostea is featuring porcelain stoneware products from their Ultra range, characterized by their versatility. These range from floors and furnishings, up to innovative applications in the field of furniture and interior design. 
    With porcelain stoneware and products from the Ultra range, Ariostea will make you rexperience the exclusivity of Marble and Onyx, the warmth of Wood, the solidity of Metal and the elegance of Stones.
    Ariostea is waiting for you at stand number 114, from 9th to 11th February 2016
  • Zow 2016

    Zow 2016

    Ariostea with all of Ultra collection is pleased to invite you to Zow 2016, at STAND D13 HALL 21


    On April 9th 2014, the European patents office granted and published patent no. EP2443076 for Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ photocatalytic material and its productive process.

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