• High-Tech Marbles

    A vast range of natural marbles are faithfully reproduced using highly advanced patented techniques and top quality materials.
    Our high-tech marbles are guaranteed long-lasting, elegant, resistant, hygienic and safe, with uniform veins throughout the thickness of the slabs.

  • High-Tech Natural Stones

    Top quality raw materials are melded together to create an indestructible, homogeneous material with a unique surface on every single slab.
    A vast range of stones made in Italy out of porcelain stoneware for you.

  • Materie High-Tech

    Whatever occupies the space around us with its mass is called matter.
    Form is matter, and mankind need form to channel their inventions and plans.
    Materie High-Tech are an expression of solidity and concreteness, applied in different visual and tactile sensations.

  • High-Tech Woods

    Ariostea High-Tech Woods: Faithful reproductions combining strength, ecology and beauty in a single product.
    Our high-tech woods are so realistic they even feel like natural wood to the touch.
    Veins running through the entire thickness of the slab make this product even more similar to the natural wood that has traditionally given our homes their warm, cosy feel.

News and Events


    Ariostea is pleased to welcome you to the opening night of the new showroom in Berlin, in the Sarotti Höfe, Mehringdamm 55.The new Ariostea-FAB Architectural Bureau space celebrates its premiere on July 2nd 2016, from 6 pm to midnight. During the event we present the Ariostea and Ultra Collection with the latest trends of spring 2016.



    At Milano Design Week Ariostea launches its new products for spring 2016, presenting new products and collections. Ariostea presents 3 new collections, Marmi Classici, Teknostone andTeknoterre. The Teknostone collection is Ariostea’s contemporary reinterpretation of the pure, refined character of stone materials, while Teknoterre reinterprets and improves on terracotta as a material by adding the contemporary look of cement. The Marmi classici collection is a new interpretation of the inimitable elegance of natural marble, while Ultra adds 12 new surfaces in 4 different colours to the Ultra Metal collection.

  • Ariostea Meets Binova

    Ariostea Meets Binova

    Two leading Italian firms, Ariostea and Binova have come together to transform ceramic into a highly prized surface material for use in kitchens. The manufacturing and design expertise of Binova has combined with the innovative and state-of-the-art materials of Ariostea which, thanks to its ULTRA range, has revolutionised the use of technical ceramic and become a point of reference for leading industrial designers. With the partnership between Ariostea and Binova, ULTRA technology has now made its way into the heart of the home: the kitchen. Here, ceramic sheets become work surfaces, induction cooking surfaces, even sinks and tables – new masterpieces that enhance our way of living.

  • SapienStone SMART SLAB

    SapienStone SMART SLAB


    SapienStone SMART SLAB is a new composite material that integrates heating, cooling and sensor technology directly into large ceramic slabs. SMART SLAB takes product SapienStone into the future by adding a layer of discreet technology to the underside of its wafer thin ceramic slabs.

    Come to see the SMART SLAB TABLE series inside Palazzo Clerici and discover on a sleek 3m x 80cm tabletop that will demonstrate the potential of embedding technology by integrating adjustable heating and cooling elements in a stunningly durable surface.



    On April 9th 2014, the European patents office granted and published patent no. EP2443076 for Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ photocatalytic material and its productive process.

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